Our Mission

Hanu Pilates is dedicated to teaching the classical work of Joseph Pilates.

Equipped with reformers, cadillac, low chairs, and all additional apparatus.



Carey has undergone comprehensive training and has experience in the Classical Pilates Method, with an understanding of the precise application that will dynamically restore ease and range of motion.

An avid cyclist and fitness enthusiast herself, Carey understands the relationship between stressful physical demands, compensatory imbalances and limitations in movement and flexibility. Using this knowledge, she effectively designs programs catered to challenge clients who are physically fit and athletic, build strength for clients re-engaging in a physical regimen, and heal those with illness or injury limitations.

Carey is a graduate of Core Dynamics in Santa Fe, NM, the Master’s Program and The Teacher Training Programs of The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.  She is PMA and ACE certified.

Carey draws inspiration from her Hawaiian heritage, and created hanu (Hawaiian for “breathe”) in 2008 as a way to connect with and empower clients. When not teaching pilates, Carey can be found mountain bike riding in Hood River or skate skiing with pals on Mt. Hood, or sharing a local, organic vegetarian meal with her family.

For their dedication to the work that grounds her life and to her process of understanding it better, Carey would like to thank master instructors Deb, Amy, Rachel, Leah and Kelli at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado as well as Irene and Teresa here in Portland.












After years of working at a desk as a CPA left her with chronic back pain, Sharon Carlisle sought relief by practicing Pilates.  From her first lesson in 2004, she immediately loved how it made her feel overall, as well as how it alleviated her back pain.  Sharon practiced Pilates consistently throughout both of her pregnancies and experienced firsthand how it is beneficial for EVERY body. Her passion for the Pilates method ultimately led her to pursue teaching so that she could share its unique results and benefits with others. In August 2011, Sharon completed a year-long teacher training program and graduated from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.  She has continued her education by taking workshops with second generation teachers Rachel Taylor Segel, Amy Taylor Alpers, Cara Reeser and others.  Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Sharon enjoys exploring Oregon with her two young children and husband


Shannon Warner


Shannon, a Portland native, began practicing the Pilates Method back in 2009 and was instantly captivated by the Method and all it had to offer. Pilates asks it’s participant to listen to rather than ignore their body and what it has to say. Shannon’s passion for knowing her body and how it works as well as what it needs to work better evolved into a
career path. She received her Advanced Teaching Training diploma ( an over 950 hour comprehensive training program) from the world renowned and respected Pilates Center of Boulder in 2017. Shannon teaching style actively encourages clients to get to know their own bodies so they can take more ownership of their practice and the health of
their bodies whether they are on the Pilates equipment or out living life. Shannon remains an active student of the Pilates method so her students can trust she is up to date on all the advancement in the methodology.